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The Touring Car Classics (TWC) is undisputedly the first racing series worldwide to establish the regulations of the former German Touring Car Championship (DTM) and the two-litre Super Touring Cars (STW) in a historic series format, thus giving the former cars and their old stars a stage again for the first time.


Just two years after its foundation in 2015, the TWC was already racing as part of the modern DTM as well as at important historic events such as Bosch Historic, Nürburgring Classic, Historic Grand Prix Zandvoort or Oldtimer Grand Prix. Always accompanied by former top drivers like Harald Grohs, Kris Nissen, Roland Asch, Johnny Cecotto, Eric van de Pole, Christian Danner, Poldi von Bayern, Klaus Ludwig or Kurt Thiim.


The enthusiasm for the TWC was topped when finally speaker legend Rainer Braun together with Christa Haas appeared in the paddock in 2017 and gave the colourful hustle and bustle a voice again. At the latest then, the "good old days" seemed to have come back for every fan. No longer with up to 100,000 visitors as in the early 90s, but with a lot of passion and dedication of the participants and the organisation for the old treasures.


At the temporary peak of the young series at the end of 2018 - when the public had already seen more than 15 old stars reunited on the track - things were bubbling up behind the scenes, as new regulations were to be introduced and various accusations were made within the own ranks, one finally had to go. It didn't take long before many fathers were found for the successful TWC. Today, the series - including the name - is emulated in various ways and finally finds a solid harbour as the ITR-owned "DTM Classic" under the management of Peter Oberndorfer.


It's just a pity that the 90s racing cars have all disappeared from the historical scene, which leads the organisers to re-advertise this race format themselves - as part of their own events. And since the format of the TWC race on Saturday evening - i.e. the "Touring Car Golden Era" race - was the most attractive form - without the high-flyers of the ITC but with the spectacular DRM cars up to Group 4 - the best gene pool is coming together again.


It is nice that the organisers like Henning Meyersrenken - NÜRBURGRING CLASSIC or Wolfgang Huter - BOSCH HISTORIC have the courage to take care of the dearest child of historic touring car sport themselves. The "Golden Era" is back. And it is crisis-proof and future-proof. With everything that goes with it, and perhaps even a little more beautiful than ever before.

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